Professional Tick Spraying

White Oak Horticultural Services Offers Safe and Effective Tick Control

Lyme disease is one of the most dangerous and debilitating diseases transmitted by ticks.  Approximately 10% of Lyme disease cases occur right here in Connecticut. The Blacklegged tick is the transmitter of the disease which it picks up from feeding on an infected white footed mouse.  The ticks life cycle allows for effective control of this parasite.  Ticks will lay their eggs in the fall, with one tick laying approximately 500 eggs.  These eggs hatch in the Spring, making the Spring application the most important time to control ticks. While many other tick control companies want to sell as many applications as possible, we believe in applying the least amount of product to effectively control the tick population in your yard. We treat only the areas of your yard where tick populations will be high.  We do not find that treating lawn areas are necessary as only about 2% of tick populations will be found in the lawn and will likely die due to dehydration.  The products we use are incredibly non-toxic to mammals, and once dry are completely non-transferrable.  This approach provides another safety measure to keep our loved ones safe.  We pride ourselves on controlling the tick population responsibly and very effectively!

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